Piney Woods Farm

Burgaw, NC


Piney Woods Farm is located in the center of Pender County, NC

Owned and operated by Buron and Sara Lanier and family.  We are growers of apples, peaches, chickens/eggs and beef cattle.  In season, our produce is available at Lanier Hardware & Rental in Burgaw and the Wrightsville Beach (Monday), Poplar Grove (Wednesday) and downtown Wilmington Riverfront  (Saturday) farmers markets. 

We sell pre-ordered beef packages throughout the year.  Packages start at a quarter of a cow which averages 85-100 pounds of beef.  All our cattle are free range and antibiotic/hormone free.  We do supplement their feed with soy hull and corn during the last few weeks to enhance the marbling in the meat without excess fat.  We use the most humane handling practices and are certified with the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program.  These guidelines ensure the customer the best taste in beef.  We use certified processors who are USDA inspected.  The beef is aged for a minimum of two weeks and flash frozen and shrink wrapped ready for delivery. There is no waste due to freezer burn.  The ground beef is in one pound packages and makes up about 30% of the order.  You won't believe how good fresh tastes!

Call us anytime and come visit the farm!! Please take the time to like our facebook page so you can be up to date on where we will be with our produce.